OptiBiotix adds GoFigure flapjack flavour in celebration of World Microbiome Day

Published: 24-Jun-2020

OptiBiotix Health, a leading developer of compounds to tackle obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, has introduced an additional flavour for its GoFigure flapjack range to coincide with World Microbiome Day on 27 June

The delicious blueberry and raspberry flavour is now available to purchase in the OptiBiotix Online store and complements other flavours – Cacao Orange, Cranberry Coconut and Nutty Peanut – in the GoFigure flapjack range.

Steven Riley, Director of Marketing and Consumer Sales at OptiBiotix, said: “With the theme for this year’s World Microbiome Day focused on diversity of microbes, we wanted to highlight the importance of a healthy diet and its influence on the gut microbiome."

"Containing gluten-free oats, no added sugar and 2.9 g of fibre per 30 g serving, our blueberry and raspberry GoFigure flapjack flavour can help contribute to a diverse gut microbiome."

“Featuring our award-winning SlimBiome weight management technology, the healthy snack helps consumers feel fuller for longer by using a proprietary blend of non-digestible prebiotics, dietary fibres and a trace mineral to help curb unhealthy food cravings throughout the day."

"The flapjack can be easily enjoyed as a satisfying energy-boosting source between meals, before or after exercising, and on the way to work.”

Backed by scientific studies, SlimBiome is an award-winning ingredient developed by world experts in hunger control, human metabolism and the microbiome.

Supported by European Food Safety Association (EFSA) claims, the technology features glucomannan to contribute to the reduction of body weight in the context of an energy-restricted diet and chromium to help maintain normal blood glucose levels, alongside contributing to normal macronutrient metabolism.

Dr Frederic Narbel, Managing Director of the Prebiotics division at OptiBiotix, said: “World Microbiome Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of microbial diversity – whether that’s through the microbes found in humans, animals or those in the soil and water."

"For our global partners, World Microbiome Day is one of celebration and we’re happy to share it with them through the launch of our GoFigure flapjack flavour containing SlimBiome.”

Launched by APC Microbiome Ireland in 2018, World Microbiome Day aims to raise awareness around the world of the vibrant and diverse world of microbes. Each year on the 27 June, the national day celebrates a different theme, with 2020 supporting diversity.

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