PLT offers new source of vitamin D

PLT introduces Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D to combat vitamin D deficiency

PLT claims that Vitamin D has been identified as an important nutrient for a broad range of health reasons, from bone health to mineral absorption, and immune function. It's also something that health industry experts say we may not be getting enough of.

Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D has been developed to help capitalise on a number of trends, including vegan, organic, whole food and clean label, as well as an increasing need for vitamin D for people who pursue plant-based diets.

Earthlight can help brands add ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ vitamin D source claims to foods and beverages cost-effectively. As it is non-GMO and gently processed, it is offered in both standard and organic grades.

Need-to-know Earthlight facts:

  • Non-GMO, whole food mushroom powder
  • 40,000 IU of vitamin D per gram – independently verified
  • 100% DV (800 IU) from just 20 milligrams
  • Organic grades available
  • Low use levels offer excellent economics
  • Won’t affect organoleptics
  • Consumer-friendly, clean label ingredient
  • Made in the USA

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