PhytoGaia’s inaugural success at SSW 2022

Published: 7-Nov-2022

Brand owners such as Amway/Nutrilite and Bausch & Lomb came over to PhytoGaia’s booth for discussion and to find out its new offering, STGaia.

The 2022’s Supplyside West Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention  Center in Las Vegas has just completed on Nov 3rd, 2022. This two day expo was the best avenue to  showcase PhytoGaia’s new and novel dietary supplement ingredients, namely STGaia and TocoGaia. It also marked the return to normalcy where an increased in the number of  attendees was seen, which is great for the industry. 

The quality of attendees was great with brand owners such as Amway/Nutrilite and Bausch &  Lomb coming over to PhytoGaia’s booth for discussion and to find out its new offering, STGaia. STGaia, a novel and natural synergistic complex of plant squalene and tocotrienols, naturally  extracted from sustainably-sourced palm fruits.

It is specifically developed for oral and topical beauty  via its potent moisturising effect (prevents trans-epidermal water loss) and super antioxidant property  to support healthy skin and hair growth.  

These brand owners and companies are keen and excited especially when knowing that this is a plant-derived squalane with tocotrienols with a new human clinical trial on STGaia for skin nutrition  and healthy hair, which is a growing segment in industry.  

“STGaia is naturally-extracted from palm fruits, without the use of solvents and chemicals in its extraction process. Hence, allowing companies to leverage on clean labeling angle and meeting the strict EU Regulation on BaP/PAH”, said Bryan See, Vice President of PhytoGaia. 

“We are excited by the positive feedbacks from brand owners and companies at Supplyside West  2022. We are grateful for their support and look forward to working with each of them to bring this  novel science-driven and branded ingredient to market very soon, here in the US and other parts of  the world such as Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia etc”, See added.

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