Salt of the Earth targets sodium reduction in the UK

Published: 20-May-2016

Umamix meets new UK sodium regulations

In response to the new sodium reduction regulations in the UK market, Salt of the Earth announces its new strategy for the UK food processing and food service markets.

The company selected three well-known distributors in UK countries and committed to provide a consistent, controlled supply of its leading brand, Umamix, an all-natural sodium reduction ingredient.

FSA (Food Standards Agency) published new revised UK-wide salt reduction targets for 2017 for 76 categories of foods. These set more challenging and wide-ranging targets than the previous targets for 2012. UK food companies already reduced sodium significantly, by 40-50% or more, and more than 11 million kg of salt have been removed from foods.

However, average UK salt consumption remains high at approximately 8.1-8.8g/day, so there is still considerable reduction required to meet the maximum daily intake of 6g for adults.

Low sodium positioned product launch activity tracked by Innova Market Insights in the US increased by 22% in 2014 from 2013, and was up by nearly four times the 6% rise from 2012 to 2013. Product launch activity for 2015 has since remained stable.

The number of new product launches with a low-sodium positioning in the UK has been relatively consistent since 2010. Product launch activity did peak in 2015, however this constituted a 5% increase from product launch numbers tracked back in 2010, indicating continued opportunities for processors filling the anticipated increase in demand based on the new FSA targets. Many food companies tend to reduce sodium in existing food product without reporting about it, with so-called 'stealth reformulation.'

Tan International will market the Umamix line to food manufactures in Scotland, including makers of bakery and seafood products. Darlington, Ltd, specialises in salt products in England, while F.J. Need Foods supplies cheese ingredients, dairy products and salt to dairy food manufacturers and pizza chains in England.

'Umamix line has gained attention in the UK food market, thanks to its proven capabilities to reduce sodium while keeping the saltiness and flavour consumers demand,' declares Avi Freund, Export Manager for Salt of the Earth. 'Umamix has demonstrated a clear ability to reduce sodium in several food formulations and achieves consistently excellent results. We are excited to work with the new distributors in the UK and we seek for more distributers in other countries in the UK market.'

Umamix is a propriety mix of sea salt and vegetable extracts, rich in umami. It boost flavour while meeting sodium-reduction goals in recipes and food formulations. 'Unlike most sodium-reduction solutions, which cannot enable a clean label, Umamix affords unique opportunities for our clients,' notes Freund. 'Consumers read labels and clean label-compliant foods have become the new industry standard. Umamix helps formulators to meet that standard.'

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