SternVitamin presents wellness ideas for beverage manufacturers

Published: 22-Oct-2018

At this year’s Hi Europe the micronutrient specialist will show beverage manufacturers how they can meet consumer demand for healthy products using its new beverage compound

According to the Frankfurt Future Institute’s Food Report 2019, “Health enjoyment” is one of the current top trends. Staying fit and having fun are the goal.

Eating and drinking are no longer about just balanced nutrition, they are also supposed to appeal to all the senses and to the individual needs of consumers.

At this year’s Hi Europe, micronutrient specialist SternVitamin is showing beverage manufacturers how they can meet consumer demand for healthy, enjoyable products, using its new “Pure Vitalizer” beverage compound as an example. At Booth 8E36 visitors can experience the advantages of the new concept.

Pure Vitalizer is the basis for a drink that increases metabolic activity. As a healthier, more natural alternative to conventional energy drinks, it boosts energy and fitness with natural ingredients.

The caffeine in the green tea extract stimulates energy production without nervousness. Green tea is also a known source of antioxidants. Another stimulating ingredient is panax ginseng extract, used in Asia for centuries for its health-giving properties.

Ginseng has numerous positive effects. Among other things, it makes body and mind more resistant to stress, stimulates metabolism, and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

The powdered drink base also contains vitamins B1, B2 and B6, niacin, biotin and vitamin C, as well as the trace elements iodine and selenium, a micronutrient mix that helps support normal metabolism and the immune system. As an authorised EU health claim, this can be marked on the packaging.

A balanced combination of lemon and natural ginger flavouring gives the drink a fresh flavour. Its mild sweetness comes from isomaltulose, a sugar alternative made from sugar beets.

It provides the same amount of energy as normal household sugar, but with several health advantages. For one thing, it is not absorbed in the intestine as fast as normal sugar, so blood sugar and insulin levels rise more slowly and energy intake is steadier.

Isomaltulose helps burn fat during physical activity and is also tooth-friendly, as its molecular structure makes it hard for mouth bacteria to metabolise. At Hi Europe visitors can try out Pure Vitalizer at the SternVitamin booth and learn about the company’s customisable health & wellness concepts.

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