The perfect vitamin D for the plant-based trend

Published: 1-Apr-2022

Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D can help you capitalise on a number of trends that are hot with consumers right now, including vegan, organic, whole food and clean label

Vitamin D is one of the hottest nutrients in the world right now, as consumers become more concerned about their health because of reduced time spent outdoors. Throughout the United States, doctors are telling their patients to get more Vitamin D. Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D is a clean label, plant-based ingredient that can help you create cutting-edge supplements and fortified foods that respond to the latest consumer trends in the market. Earthlight delivers concentrated Vitamin D with low use levels. These low use levels mean excellent economics and Earthlight won’t affect the organoleptics of whatever product you’re making.

Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D is a powder made from mushrooms grown under USDA Good Agricultural and Good Handling Practices. A patented production process allows Earthlight to deliver 1000 μg (40,000 IU) of Vitamin D per gram – independently verified. Earthlight has no preservatives, no additives and it is a USA-made, non-GMO ingredient. Earthlight is offered in both standard and organic grades.

  • Non-GMO, whole food mushroom powder
  • Organic grade available
  • 1000 µg (40,000 IU) of Vitamin D per gram – independently verified
  • Low use levels offer excellent economics
  • Won’t affect the taste or texture of formulations
  • Consumer-friendly, clean label ingredient

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