Nutrition21 ingredient offers resistance training benefits

Published: 28-Jul-2021

When combined with 15g of whey protein, Velositol increased performance to a greater extent than 15g or 30g of whey protein alone

Research has been published in the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition demonstrating the benefits of Nutrition21’s Velositol amylopectin-chromium complex, when combined with 15 grams of protein, for those engaged in resistance training.

Prior research has reportedly shown supplementation with the ingredient, combined with a 6-gram dose of whey protein, increased rates of muscle protein synthesis compared to whey protein alone. The purpose of this study was to examine if chronic supplementation and a higher dose of protein could impact resistance training adaptations, recovery, and biomarkers of safety.

The double-blind, active-controlled study included 35 recreationally active men randomised to one of three groups: one received 2g of Velositol and 15g of whey protein isolate, one received 15g of whey protein isolate alone, and one received 30g of whey protein isolate alone. Subjects consumed their respective supplement immediately following resistance exercise on days when training occurred and at the same time of day on non-training days.

At baseline, then after four and eight weeks of training, body composition, whole-body protein balance, upper body and lower body performance, and visual analog scale scores for recovery, sleep quality, energy, willingness to train, and muscle soreness were assessed.

Danielle Greenberg, PhD, VP of Scientific Affairs at Nutrition21, said: “Velositol increases the effects of protein on muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by enhancing the mTOR signaling pathway, which is reliant on amino acids and insulin activity. When used with a resistance exercise program, Velositol’s novel complex enhances the effects of protein, increasing strength, endurance, and power, while supporting healthy and sustained muscle function.”

The study concluded the addition of Velositol to a 15g dose of whey protein increased total squat reps, vertical jump power, and vertical jump height to a greater extent than when 15g or 30g of whey protein were consumed alone.

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