Nutrition21 launches non-stimulant nootropic ingredient

Published: 11-Oct-2023

US-based Nutrition21 has expanded into the brain health space with new multi-study, patented ingredient

Nutrition21, an expert in clinically studied branded ingredients, has announced the launch of its nootropic ingredient nooLVL (registered trademark) into the cognitive health space.

The unique patented complex of nooLVL is non-stimulant and provides multiple cognitive benefits, including focus, concentration, improved memory, and energy.

The results of nooLVL in two double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies conducted with healthy adults in the United States demonstrated:

  • Improved cognitive function even under high mental and cognitive demands
  • Improvements in visual attention and information processing
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Fast action – working in just 15 minutes, as a non-stimulant to enhance energy

The Bonded Arginine Silicate in nooLVL is a highly bioavailable, long-lasting form of arginine that increases nitric oxide production and blood flow. The increase in nitric oxide supports the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the brain. This method of action delivers focus you can feel without the potential downsides commonly associated with other cognitive health ingredients or stimulants.

The market has been asking for a non-stimulant solution that really works, and Nutrition21 has developed it

- Joe Weiss, President of Nutrition21

With a neutral taste profile, nooLVL is ideal for powders and stick packs and can be formulated into foods and beverages. The R&D Team at Nutrition21 also offers added value by assisting customers with formulation expertise to help fast-track product development projects.

The cognitive health market continues to grow and includes mental health, mood, and stress as well as enhanced memory, focus, and energy. Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) estimates that sales of brain health supplements in the United States hit $1.2 billion last year—an 8.1% increase over 2021.

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“The market has been asking for a non-stimulant solution that really works, and Nutrition21 has developed it. While the Nutrition21 Team originally developed nooLVL as the groundbreaking functional ingredient for the high cognitive demands of the e-sports market, it became apparent that a much wider consumer market could benefit by using it. Everyone ranging from students to parents, professionals, and athletes can benefit from using nooLVL,” said Joe Weiss, President of Nutrition21.

Everwell Health Company acquired Nutrition21 at the end of 2021, and this was done to "build upon [its] experience in consumer healthcare."

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