Nutrition21 launches Lustriva beauty from within ingredient

Published: 2-Mar-2021

The ingredient uses proprietary formulations the company says ensure high bioavailability

Nutrition21 has launched Lustriva, a beauty-from-within ingredient that contains bonded arginine silicate, an arginine silicon inositol complex, and the company’s proprietary biotin formulation, magnesium biotinate.

The company says its biotin and silicon combination provides nutritional and structural support for hair and skin, while arginine improves blood flow for nutrient delivery and activity.

Studies have reportedly demonstrated Lustriva can enhance hair growth and density and improve skin elasticity and overall appearance. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that Lustriva was able to increase hair growth in as little as three weeks, the company says. Additionally, Lustriva reduced facial wrinkles, fine lines, and improved skin texture.

The ingredients found in Lustriva are designated generally recognised as safe, and can be formulated into dietary supplement and functional food/beverage applications, including ready-to-drink beverages and dry mixes, gummies, capsules, and tablets. The company says the bioavailability and solubility of its ingredients enable formulators to design efficacious combinations at a low doses.

James Komorowski, CSO of Nutrition21, said: “This is an exciting launch for Nutrition21, and we are proud to bring this clinically-tested, patent protected ingredient to the beauty market. Science is the biggest differentiator for Lustriva and gives us confidence that the market and consumers will embrace it. The other aspect that makes it stand out is the highly bioavailable forms of silicon, biotin, and arginine which can only be found in this product.”

Elyse Lovett, VP Marketing of Nutrition21,said: “The U.S. beauty-from-within market generated more than $1.2 billion in sales in 2019 and is expected to expand to $1.6 bn by 2023; Lustriva is primed and ready to help grow this market. The connection between beauty and nutrition is becoming clearer among savvy consumers who are using science-based ingredients to feel and look healthy; Lustriva will fit right into their health and beauty routines.”

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