OptiBac Probiotics: for every day max

Published: 16-May-2017

Introducing the new ultimate daily gut booster

Daily life with stress, poor diet and hectic schedules can take its toll on our energy levels and digestion, leaving us feeling not quite ourselves.

Sometimes we’re in need of extra help to kick start our gut health and keep it working at its best.

As more and more individuals are discovering the remarkable and natural benefits of probiotics, OptiBac Probiotics have noticed a growing consumer demand in the last year: the desire for higher strength probiotics.

As a result, they set about creating a new super strength product, which matches quantity with exceptional quality in a daily capsule.

"For every day MAX" is not only a powerful, high strength probiotic supplement, it also contains the highest quality strains that have been researched both in vitro and in clinical trials – proven to provide the ultimate boost to gut heath. It is also free from sugars, fats and flavourings that are often found in other probiotic foods and sugary drinks.

This advanced supplement contains 50 billion high quality live micro-organisms per capsule in a combination of three strains that have been extensively researched by international scientists.

These strains (L. acidophilus NCFM, B. lactis HN019 and B. lactis Bl-04) have been comprehensively researched in the laboratory to demonstrate survival through the harsh conditions of stomach acidity and bile salts.

They have also been shown to attach to the gut wall lining and block pathogens from latching on and making us ill.

These three strains have been clinically trialed on thousands of people around the world, and shown to improve digestion, boost natural immunity, lower inflammation and moderate reaction to allergies.

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