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Cora introduces salmon raised on algal oil

French shoppers have increased opportunity to buy fish raised on Veramaris’ natural marine algal oil with high levels of EPA and DHA omega-3

Coronavirus: Brits look to boost immune systems before returning to work

With key industry businesses being encouraged to return to work, people across the country are looking to boost their immune systems amid the coron...

Retail product placement for improved health

The impact of product placement in supermarkets on the diets of families will be investigated by researchers at the University of Southampton

The war on packaging

The plastic fight back has clearly begun

Sustainability, profit-friendly packaging and the benefits of AI

Why 2019 is going to be a year of positive change for the supply chain

Unipick robots make a case for convenience

Responding to demand from packhouses for an automated solution that would enable them to pick multiple SKUs and present different pack formats, ran...

The changing face of supplement ingredient delivery

Retail shelves, both physical and virtual, are changing

Pakora producer takes-away benefits of TIJ

Rotech’s RF Lite TIJ (thermal inkjet) has become an “invaluable part of the process” at P.K. Foods Glasgow Ltd, having transformed the efficiency o...

New analysis finds Concord grape is the most affordable superfruit juice

An analysis of market prices for superfruit juices in relation to their nutritional profile reveals that Concord grape juice offers a sweet-spot co...

Small and mighty: Microgreens

In addition to their intense flavour, vivid colour and high nutritional values, microgreens are considered to be “functional foods,” which are know...

Hi Europe showcases innovative products for the retail sector

Health ingredients Europe & Natural ingredients 2018 will address the booming market for food with health benefits

How is the millennial viewpoint different?

Millennials have a peculiar relationship with brands

Protein-enriched chocolate and compounds increase the incentive to buy

HERZA Schokolade combines the protein trend with enjoyment

Millennials: a force to be reckoned with!

Jeff Hilton, co-founder and CMO, BrandHive, poses the question: so what’s all the fuss about millennials?