Optibiotix signs deal with international food ingredient company SACCO

Published: 14-Mar-2017

OptiBiotix is also in discussions with other partners in the US, Asian and other international markets

OptiBiotix, one of the world leader’s in the development of human microbiome modulators, has signed a manufacturing and supply agreement with SACCO to market its cholesterol reducing probiotic strain LP LDL to the more than 2500 food, beverage, consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical companies it serves across Europe.

LP LDL is a revolutionary ingredient that has been proven in double-blind placebo-controlled trials to both lower cholesterol and blood pressure and, when combined with a prebiotic, can increase the production and function of a specific bacterium in the microbiome — a world first. LP LDL will be supplied as a raw ingredient by SACCO under a profit sharing agreement that allows it to be added to many types of food or beverage as well as incorporated into pharmaceuticals or supplements.

In addition to profit sharing supply of ingredients by Sacco, OptiBiotix will negotiate separate licence agreements with each partner, gaining royalties on the higher value generic and branded consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

SACCO is one of Europe’s leading probiotic manufacturers and supplies raw materials including some of the world’s best-selling probiotic strains. The agreement grants SACCO an exclusive licence to manufacture, market and supply ingredients in Europe.

Microbiologist Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix, commented: “We are delighted to partner with SACCO in Europe. This furthers our strategy to build a network of distributors around the world to service the food, beverage and healthcare industries. The development of LP-LDL has caused a great deal of interest and we are in discussion with several other parties to further our geographic reach.”

Looking to the future, Stephen said: “I believe we are fast approaching the next stage in the development of the microbiome in healthcare, when scientists will have the ability to precision engineer components of the microbiome to prevent, manage and treat many of today’s chronic lifestyle diseases. OptiBiotix will continue to be at the forefront of global microbiome research and the development of new products.”

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