Peptan plays role in addressing hair loss in men and women, study says

Published: 2-May-2024

Amidst the surge in hair growth supplements, pioneering science indicates that Peptan collagen peptides can potentially combat hair loss and promote growth by boosting hair follicle stem cells

Hair supplements are making waves

The demand for hair nutraceuticals is on the rise on the growing beauty from within market. Across the world today, 1 in 2 people consume, or would consume, hair care supplements, according to a 2020 survey. 1 Consumer groups span a range of demographics, from new mothers managing hormonal fluctuations and mature women looking to maintain their hair beauty, to men of all ages dealing with progressive hair loss.

Growing beautiful hair from the inside out

For consumers who want to promote hair growth and combat age-related loss, Peptan collagen peptides are gaining more backing from science. In a recent pioneering study, researchers explored the impact of pre-digested Peptan on hair follicles donated by men and women. 2

The results indicate that Peptan boosts the number of active hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) and prevents their decline. Given that ageing is associated with decreased HFSCs, these findings suggest that Peptan plays a crucial role in combating age-induced hair loss by fortifying stem cells and maintaining hair follicle health.

Peptan plays role in addressing hair loss in men and women, study says

Beautiful hair, and much more…

Alongside combating hair loss, Peptan’s beauty benefits include improving skin density, 3,5 elasticity, 4,5 and hydration, 3,4,5 and reducing wrinkle visibility. 5 As a single ingredient, Peptan offers diverse science-backed benefits, from accelerating sports recovery 6 to enhancing sleep and cognitive function. 7 Paired with its application versatility, Peptan lets manufacturers meet today’s consumers with a convenient, exciting, one-stop nutraceutical.

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