PhytoGaia's innovative solutions make waves at SSW Expo 2023

Published: 1-Nov-2023

PhytoGaia wowed attendees at the SupplySide West in Las Vegas by showcasing their unique STGaia and TocoGaia ingredients

The event, organised by Informa Markets, featured innovations in dietary supplements, food, personal care and sports nutrition.

PhytoGaia's booth garnered significant interest, particularly for their cutting-edge healthy ageing and beauty products, with a focus on innovative delivery formats appealing to both children and beauty enthusiasts.

The company’s Konjac Jelly generated significant enthusiasm among industry experts and potential collaborators owing to its innovative delivery system, seen as a game-changer for existing product lines. 

The appeal of Konjac jelly lies in its capacity to offer a low-calorie, high-nutrient alternative to traditional gummies, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a delicious and nutritious supplement for children's diets or beauty routines.

The outstanding feedback received underscores its potential to revolutionise the market.

Additionally, PhytoGaia's orally dissolving film (ODF) technology piqued great interest, with attendees recognising its versatile applications in various oral and beauty products. This led to productive discussions about potential partnerships.

“Our team was thrilled to participate in enlightening discussions and networking opportunities throughout the event."

"The feedback we received from attendees strongly emphasised the industry's excitement for our innovative products and delivery formats,” said Mr Bryan See, Vice President of PhytoGaia.

“PhytoGaia remains dedicated to advancing state-of-the-art solutions in the realm of healthy ageing and beauty. We appreciate the positive reception from SSW 2023 attendees and look forward to working closely with those interested in making our innovative products accessible to a wider audience,” he added.

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