PIPA and Dairy Management explore the hidden health benefits of dairy with AI

Published: 13-Feb-2024

Partnership will leverage the power of AI to uncover dairy centric health and wellness opportunities to meet the world’s needs for personalised nutrition solutions

PIPA, AI leader in nutrition and ingredient innovation, and Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), the national dairy research and promotion organisation, announce a partnership to further explore the full spectrum of dairy’s health benefits.

Leveraging AI application LEAP, DMI will work with the dairy industry and other partners to expedite the identification of novel R&D opportunities in milk while also analysing scientific evidence to validate and build new product claims.

“This partnership represents a groundbreaking development for the US dairy industry, pioneering the integration of AI in dairy research and innovation,” said Barbara O’Brien, President and CEO of Dairy Management Inc.

“Dairy farmers’ longstanding investments in nutrition research have made significant contributions to the portfolio of credible science demonstrating the positive impact dairy foods have on overall health and wellness.”

PIPA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Eric Hamborg. said: “We are excited for our partnership with DMI. Dairy is an unquestionable treasure trove of health benefits waiting to be discovered."

"With PIPA’s technology and the subject matter expertise of DMI, we’ll unlock novel research and commercialisation opportunities for the industry with a speed and accuracy we’ve never seen before.”

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