PureCircle wins prestigious sustainability award

Published: 20-Jun-2014

Company supports sustainable agricultural practices, including safe agrochemical use and water and land conservation

PureCircle, a global leader in production and marketing of high purity stevia ingredients, has received the World Dairy Innovation Award for Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative from FoodBev Media, which recognises the company’s pioneering work integrating sustainable practices into every stage of its vertical stevia supply chain.

The company was presented with the award during the gala dinner at the 8th Global Dairy Congress in Istanbul, and PureCircle’s Corporate Sustainability Director Ajay Chandran expressed his gratitude while explaining that the company’s goals also keep the planet’s health in mind.

“Our mission is to mainstream stevia as the next natural origin sweetener for food and beverage products worldwide,” Chandran said. “We’re delighted and grateful to be recognised for our sustainability efforts.

“But more importantly, we want to set an example for the wider stevia and ingredient industry to follow—one that respects people and the planet, while protecting long term profits.”

Beginning with a vision

PureCircle took a leadership role in the emerging category of high-purity stevia ingredients when it embedded principles of sustainability into all aspects of its supply chain — from farming to extraction and purification. Working with 25,000 independent farmers across four continents, the company supports sustainable agricultural practices, including safe agrochemical use and water and land conservation. Stevia growth uses a third or less of the land needed for other ‘sweet’ crops.

Not only has PureCircle initiated the first industry ‘Calorie Footprint’; it was the first company in the category to publish its carbon and water footprint. These practices were woven into the company’s 2020 sustainability goals, which are to reduce its carbon intensity by 20% from its 2011 baseline and enable a cumulative reduction of the food and beverage industry’s carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes , its water consumption by 2 trillion litres and the calories in global diets by 13 trillion.

“It is patently clear that stevia has tremendous potential to benefit health and wellness from a calorie standpoint,” Chandran said. “We propose that along with calorie reductions, PureCircle stevia also is an extremely sustainable ingredient that can benefit the planet and the wider eco-system of 25,000 independent farmers with whom we work.”

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