How dairy manufacturers can navigate the challenges of inflation

Published: 28-Feb-2024

Ingredion discuss ways dairy manufacturers can reduce production costs and capitalise on growth opportunities

Food producers, in the modern world, are faced with a host of economic challenges that have a direct impact on the cost of manufacturing products. These can be rising raw material costs, volatile inflation rates and supply chain constraints which can lead to an increase in the overall cost of ingredients and products.

In a new webinar, Dr Dergiy Datsenko, Business Development Manager at Ingredion, provides practical, cost-effective solutions aimed to help dairy manufacturers create products that are competitively priced, while also delivering in taste, texture and nutrition. 

These include looking at the supply chain to source more universally available ingredients, such as plant-based proteins or stevia flavourings, as well as looking at formulations that offer binding capacity and longer product shelf-life.

"As inflation increases globally, it's imperative for the dairy industry in emerging markets to strategically navigate its effects. For example, by harnessing increasingly available plant-based proteinsm natural stevia flavourings and thickening starches, there are significant opportunities to reduce costs while maintaining quality."

The webinar provides guidance for dairy manufacturers on how to:

  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Formulating products without compromising on taste and texture


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