Rousselot collagen peptides show benefits for hair health

Published: 6-Jun-2019

Peptan study is the first to show its significant nutricosmetic capabilities for hair strength

Rousselot’s Peptan collagen peptides have been the subject of a new clinical study on its effects on skin beauty and hair strength. The results add further evidence to Peptan’s scientific portfolio. The study revealed that the oral supplementation with Peptan collagen peptides significantly contributes to improving the overall appearance of skin and hair in an ethnically diverse population.

Study parameters

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research was conducted with 60 healthy Brazilian women, aged 45 to 60 years. During a set period of 90 days, a group of 30 participants received a 5 g daily dose of Peptan collagen peptides of bovine origin (Peptan B), while the remaining subjects consumed a placebo control.

Parameters of skin characteristics in the region of the cheeks, around the nose, eyes, mouth, as well as hair strength, were evaluated at baseline prior to supplementation and again 45 and 90 days after supplementation with high-end, state-of-the-art techniques.


Results showed significant improvements in the overall appearance of the skin, characterised by a decrease in periorbital wrinkles by 13% and nasolabial wrinkles by 10% and a reduction of the visibility of pores in the region of the cheekbones in 57% of the Peptan-supplemented participants.

At the basis of those observations was a clear increase of the density of the dermis, which contains the strength-providing collagen layer of the skin, following Peptan supplementation.

While collagen is known for promoting stronger and healthier hair, there has been no scientific assessment of these beauty benefits until now. This new study evaluated the characteristics of hair using a texturometer before and after Peptan supplementation clearly demonstrating an increase of the mechanical strength of the hair by 13% in the Peptan group compared to the placebo group. Mechanical strength is linked to improved properties of the hair cortex, which can be especially beneficial for ageing hair.

Widening horizons

The new scientific evidence broadens the understanding of benefits delivered by Peptan collagen peptide supplementation for beauty in several ways.

Previous clinical reports have demonstrated that oral Peptan collagen peptide supplements can reduce the signs of skin ageing by improving skin hydration elasticity and dermal collagen density.

This study builds on the existing research, providing evidence for the efficacy of Peptan collagen peptides from bovine origin, at a lower dose. Conducted in a Brazilian population of mixed skin and hair types, this also brings additional proof that Peptan is efficacious across populations of different ethnical backgrounds. This is significant as previous evidence was obtained from trials in Caucasian and Asian populations.

Peptan’s range of collagen peptides are safe, bioactive and developed through an optimized hydrolysation process, which makes collagen peptides highly bioavailable, and provide targeted benefits in the key connective tissues of the human body.

The Darling Ingredients company produces gelatin and collagen peptides. Peptan collagen peptides are widely used in nutricosmetic applications and continue to grow in popularity among manufacturers looking to differentiate their products, thanks to the wealth of vital information supplied by Rousselot’s extensive scientific research.

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