Safr'Inside microtabs selected as finalist

Published: 3-Aug-2018

Activ'Inside, the ingredients manufacturer behind Safr'Inside microtabs, have been made finalists at the NutraIngredients Awards Asia 2018 for “Botanical product of the year”

Safr'Inside microtabs is a prototype dietary supplement providing quick and effective relief for mood irregularities within 20 minutes, thanks to a sublingual administration and the highest content in safranal.

Contrary to classic dosage forms, Safr'Inside microtabs are presented in an original microtablet form. The sublingual administration of the microtablet induces a direct and quicker diffusion of saffron metabolites (including safranal) into the blood circulation, reaching rapidly the brain to positively act on mood regulators and neurotransmitters.

Each stick of 400 mg contains 30 mg of Safr’Inside, the optimal dose demonstrated to have beneficial effect on mood. Safr’inside is a patented extract of Iranian saffron stigmas whose chemical profile is backed by ten clinical studies published on its mood benefits.

Extracted from the reddest part of saffron stigmas (Sargol quality), Safr’Inside provides the richest concentrations in safranal, crocin and safromotivines.

The product has been developed for people prone to mood swings, which currently affects more than 150 million people around the world1 (Qureshi et al. 2013). About 27% of Europeans, 47% of Americans and 41% of Asians currently experience mental health issues such as nervousness, stress and anxiety.

Safr’Inside microtabs satisfies consumer demand, as it represents an efficient science-backed natural mood stabiliser, providing quick benefits.

How does the awards selection works?

Safr’Inside microtabs has been selected from several others products. Each participant has submitted a file by May 2018. “This award celebrates the best branded or own-label supplements, functional foods and beverages containing botanical and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients”.

The selection was made according to 7 criteria:

  1. Brand recognition and the commercial success of your product, including evidence of strong retail and consumer interest or listings of your product.
  2. Consumer demand and interest in your format, delivery system and/or matrix – including how innovative any delivery system is.
  3. Whether your product meets a consumer demand and how relevant the botanical/TCM ingredient is in meeting this demand.
  4. Packaging ease of use and design, including appeal and ease of use, novelty.
  5. Evidence that the product works for its specified use, where possible this will be product specific research, however research citing the main active ingredients solely will also be considered.
  6. Evidence of that your product and its delivery system(s) has no, or beneficial, impact on bioavailability (especially if citing single ingredient data).
  7. What gives the product an ‘X factor’ – something that makes it stand out from the crowd and edge out the competition (including evidence to back up claims).

Once all entries had been submitted, they were reviewed by the NutraIngredients-ASIA Awards Judging Panel made up of independent judges from the industry. The winner of the NutraIngredients Awards will be announced during awards ceremony on 10 September 2018 in Singapore.

More on Activ’Inside, your expert in Grape and Saffron applications

As experts in saffron (crocus sativus L.) and grape (vitis vinifera L.) raw materials, the French biotech company Activ’Inside knows their compositions and applications. The Company proposes a large range of signature saffron and grape extracts, premium quality, including organic, vegan, kosher and halal ones. The company also valorises saffron and grape health benefits by developing proprietary natural active solutions, based on strong scientific background and clinically proven efficacy.

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