Published: 18-May-2018

The first nutricosmetic ingredient dedicated to reactive skin

At Vitafoods 2018, in Geneva, SEPPIC launched SEPIBLISS, the first nutricosmetic active ingredient dedicated to reactive and sensitive skin.

Today, 50% of the population is concerned by sensitive skin. This phenomenon is global and growing because of multiple stressors such as pollution, weather conditions, emotional stress or food habits.

SEPIBLISS is the solution to handle this concern in a new innovative way, by soothing these reactions via the oral route.

Once formulated in a dietary supplement, SEPIBLISS reduces the effects of skin irritation on the face and the whole body.

SEPIBLISS™ meets current consumer demands for a natural solution that's traceable and locally sourced.

Additive- and solvent-free, SEPIBLISS™ is a 100% virgin coriander seed oil extract that's manufactured locally in southwest France.

SEPIBLISS is also the first nutraceutical active ingredient with dedicated studies on the different mechanisms involved in skin reactivity phenomenon.

Its skin soothing activity has been demonstrated using an in vitro model. This product fits SEPPIC’s strategy of designing innovative, natural and eco-responsible ingredients.

Claire Notin, Marketing Manager Nutrition, said: “We are proud to offer the first nutraceutical active ingredient designed specifically for sensitive skin. This launch confirms SEPPIC's pioneering role in nutricosmetics, supported by our expertise in skin biology and our knowledge of the cosmetic market.”

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