STEMREGEN to unveil three new stem cell-boosting supplements

Published: 30-May-2024

STEMREGEN, a pioneer in stem cell science-backed supplements that support the body’s innate repair system, has expanded its portfolio with three new products that further support stem cell function in the body. These additional formulas focus on athletic recovery, supporting the body’s microcirculatory system, and increasing cellular communication. The company’s flagship product, containing a blend of plant extracts that help the body release more of its own stem cells into the body, is now named STEMREGEN Release; it increases the number of circulating stem cells, which in turn helps support organ and tissue function, fostering healthy aging and rejuvenation from within. Each of the brand’s new products target a specific aspect of the body’s own repair system:

STEMREGEN Sport is designed for athletes and those undergoing regular strenuous physical activity, as stem cells play an important role in physical recovery, resilience, and endurance. It features a blend of pterostilbene (an antioxidant found in certain superfoods) and notoginseng to support muscle recovery. Recommended dosage is two capsules per day, and an additional two capsules after strenuous physical activity.

STEMREGEN Mobilize is a drink powder that mixes into water and when consumed, enhances the ability of stem cells to circulate throughout the body. It contains fibrinolytic enzymes that break down fibrin, ensuring a more optimal and smoother flow through the microvasculature. This process is crucial for efficient stem cell delivery. It also includes a proprietary blend of natural nitric oxide producers to dilate blood vessels, bioflavonoids to support the formation of collagen and connective tissue which in turn supports capillary wall strength and flexibility, and complex polysaccharides that support and maintain a healthy glycocalyx. It can be taken solo or in conjunction with Stemregen Release and Stemregen Signal.

STEMREGEN Signal clears the way for stem cells to navigate through the body and find tissues in need of repair. The formula targets and modulates the formation of signaling molecules and excess cytokines that cloud stem cell navigation. By improving the "signal-to-noise ratio" in the bloodstream, stem cells can reach targeted areas in the body more directly. Dosage is two to four tablets per day, taken along with Release and Mobilize.

Additionally, STEMREGEN Sport is now NSF Certified for Sport to ensure compliance with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines. Signal and Mobilize will also soon be NSF Certified as well.

Products are available individually, and as part of two different supplement protocols for maximum effect:

The STEMREGEN Protocol – Release, Signal, and Mobilize form a comprehensive approach to enhanced stem cell function in the body. Combining each products’ individual benefits of stem cell release, enhanced microcirculation, and balanced cellular signaling, the protocol triad forms the only approach to enhancing the body’s innate system.

The STEMREGEN Sport Protocol – Sport, Signal, and Mobilize provide a comprehensive approach to activate peak performance for athletes. By enhancing stem cell function, improving microcirculation, and modulating cellular signaling, it supports healthy tissue repair and renewal to help boost post-workout recovery and enhance vitality.

The new products are available on the company’s website and in select physician regenerative clinics timed to Stemregen presenting as the title sponsor of the 10th annual Biohacking Conference, taking place in Texas this month.

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