SternEnzym at FiE 2017

Published: 22-Nov-2017

Innovase ASP reduces acrylamide in a number of different foods

At Food ingredients Europe 2017, SternEnzym GmbH & Co. KG (stand 08.0C61) will introduce solutions to make food production processes more efficient and more economical.

One focus of the presentation by the enzyme designer from Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, will be on novel applications in the fields of bakery products and pasta and the avoidance of acrylamide.

The enzyme systems from the Sternzym BK range improve the processability of doughs, enhance the structure of biscuits and also reduce the tendency towards cracking and blistering.

The Sternzym LQ range permits considerable savings in wafer production by reducing the energy requirement and product losses; at the same time, these enzyme systems enhance both the appearance of the wafers and their mechanical stability.

Both enzyme ranges constitute a clean label alternative to chemical additives like sodium metabisulphite.

With its all-rounder Pastazym, SternEnzym will present a solution that enables manufacturers of pasta and noodles to react appropriately to high or widely fluctuating raw material prices or restricted availability.

The enzyme compounds make it possible to use cheaper wheat varieties and thus keep costs to a minimum. The all-rounder Pastazym is suitable for pasta products made from hard wheat, soft wheat or mixtures of both varieties.

In this way, for example, soft wheat noodles made with Pastazym Plus can be given genuine “al dente” qualities. At the same time, the products have better tolerance to prolonged cooking times. The use of Pastazym also increases the mechanical stability of the dried noodles.

Innovase ASP prevents the formation of acrylamide in French fries, pastry goods, bread, coffee, breakfast cereals, etc.

Acrylamide is a health hazard; it comes about when compounds containing sugar and protein are heated strongly together and a browning reaction takes place.

The amino acid asparagine involved in this reaction is the precursor of acrylamide, which is known to cause cancer. Innovase ASP splits asparagine and thus permits browning of the food without a detrimental effect on health.

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