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Published: 30-May-2022

Kaneka presented the company's bio-identical vitaminoid and strong antioxidant ingredient at this year's Vitafoods event

The pandemic coupled with an increasingly ageing society is leading to growing demand for products that provide strong support for a healthy body, and are compatible with a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, consumers are seeking out natural and simple applications that don't contribute to 'pill-fatigue'

One ingredient that can help in the creation of such solutions is Kaneka Ubiquinol, a bio-identical vitaminoid and strong antioxidant that has been scientifically proven by multiple clinical trials to support overall vitality, and the body's natural defences. As demonstrated at this year's Vitafoods, Kaneka Ubiquinol is simple to incorporate into everyday products, such as coffee capsules or powdered drink sachets.

Kaneka is the pioneer in the development of the first safe and stable ubiquinol, produced via a patented process of natural yeast fermentation.

Long-term research and several clinical studies have focused on the way in which the micronutrient can support energy metabolism within human cells. A recent randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study revealed that daily oral supplementation with 200mg ubiquinol over 6 weeks resulted in significantly enhanced physical performance in men who train on a regular basis. Furthermore, body mass index, percentage body fat, systolic and diastolic blood pressure plus VO2max all decreased compared to the placebo group.

Long-term research and several clinical studies have focused on the way in which the micronutrient can support energy metabolism within human cells

Filip Van hulle, General Manager of Kaneka Nutrients Europe, explained: "Demographics and situations like the Covid pandemic make consumers more mindful of immune health and how to best support it. At the same time, more and more people are getting tired of supplementing with pills. That's why natural but science-backed solutions are game-changers when it comes to creating applications with added health benefits that are also easy to consume."

At Vitafoods, Kaneka presented stress-free concepts that can be effortlessly incorporated into daily routines. Sustainable coffee capsules including Kaneka Ubiquinol combine the energy kick of caffeine with strong cell-protecting qualities, and the optimised cell metabolism of the ubiquinol vitaminoid. As the fat soluble ingredient is optimally absorbed by the body along with a meal, it's best consumed in coffee at breakfast time.

Another concept, relating to the latest study into the effects of Kaneka Ubiquinol on regular sporting activity, was powdered drinks packed into single-portion sachets. They are easy to carry andstore, and deliver instant, delicious refreshment. From Citrus Kick with lime flavor and Taurin, to Immunity Boost containing Seabuckthorn, White Peach plus Pomegranate, and Muscle Hydration exotically flavored with Chica Morada: all drink powders contain ubiquinol and electrolytes, and are rich in plant extracts. Consumers who are in a rush can therefore easily get a much-needed nutrient and mineral boost on the go.

Kaneka Ubiquinol is neutral in taste, odour and colour, and is available in liquid or powdered form.

Thanks to a patented production process, it is stable and highly bioavailable. Therefore, it is the ideal partner for a broad range of product combinations, enabling multi-functional, added-value applications.

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