The power of life: Healthy aging with Ubiquinol

Published: 5-May-2022

A vital role in energy production

As a basic component of the respiratory chain that produces more than 95 percent of the body’s energy, the vitamin-like Ubiquinol is essential for mental and physical performance. The body’s natural levels decline with age and it is virtually impossible to compensate for this via diet alone. In supplement form, Ubiquinol has a more rapid and better effect than its precursor coenzyme Q10 since the body does not have to convert it into an active form. The nutrient is manufactured naturally via yeast fermentation, is well tolerated and clinically proven to cause no adverse effects.

Ubiquinol possesses the ability to slow down the aging process. As a strong antioxidant, it protects cell membranes from free radical damage and contributes to their elasticity and flexibility. Especially within the mitochondria this is important because reactive oxygen compounds can occur here in high numbers during energy production.

The many scientific benefits of supplementation with Ubiquinol have already been well documented. Published clinical and experimental research shows that Ubiquinol affects cardiovascular health, mental health, fertility, cellular energy and sport performance.

Many studies conducted in the field of heart and cardiovascular diseases found evidence of coenzyme Q10 deficiency in individuals suffering from heart failure as well as those taking statin medication. Ubiquinol supplementation as co-adjuvant therapy is effective in lowering diastolic blood pressure and improves heart functions such as pump volume and ejection fraction. Ubiquinol also mediates a distinct reduction in LDL cholesterol levels and helps to prevent unwanted LDL oxidation.

Recent clinical studies, suggest that dietary supplementation with Ubiquinol may prevent mitochondrial decay associated with aging and decelerate age-related diseases by increasing oxidative stress resistance. These findings may have implications for a broad spectrum of conditions related to aging, such as diabetes, arthritis and neurodegeneration.

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