TSI Group announces acquisition of Metabolic Technologies

Published: 19-Jun-2020

TSI Group, a leading manufacturer of innovative, proprietary ingredients and wellness products based in Montana, US, has acquired Metabolic Technologies LLC, a research-driven company responsible for the discovery of beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)

The strategic acquisition integrates TSI’s HMB production and global sales and business development capabilities with MTI’s intellectual property portfolio and world-renowned clinical research and development capabilities.

HMB was first discovered by MTI in the early 1990s. It has long been popular among sport nutrition brands for its market-leading strength, recovery and improved body composition benefits for highly trained and competitive athletes.

However, there is an expanding and compelling body of evidence that shows HMB provides muscle health benefits to a much larger base of consumers beyond traditional sports nutrition.

TSI will communicate these benefits through its awareness and education growth strategy behind its branded HMB ingredient, myHMB.

MTI Chief Operating Officer, Shawn Baier, stated: “myHMB is a well-proven muscle health ingredient that benefits consumers through a dual mechanism that builds muscle mass and strength while preserving muscle as you age."

"myHMB is supported by hundreds of clinical trials with unparalleled safety and efficacy data, all tied to TSI’s proprietary, world-class manufacturing process. Muscle loss impacts everyone as they age and it plays a crucial role in boosting consumers’ muscle health and quality of life.”

According to TSI USA President, Larry Kolb: “This acquisition allows us to drastically expand our global market reach and access through globally aligned technical and commercial teams. We are implementing an aggressive plan that expands myHMB market awareness and education with key brand partners who are highly motivated to take advantage of this untapped growth opportunity."

"Musculoskeletal joint and bone health categories are mature, multi-billion-dollar categories for food and supplement brands, while the muscle health category remains in its infancy. Muscle health awareness and its importance is just now starting to emerge, especially for the aging population.”

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