Unique blend of curcuminoids and ellagitannins now available in Europe

Published: 16-Apr-2020

Verdure Sciences is proud to announce that Restoridyn is now available in Europe through our exclusive partner and distributor in Europe, LEHVOSS Nutrition

Verdure and LEHVOSS work in collaboration to offer Restoridyn, a sports ingredient uniquely positioned to support an expanding market of not only highly trained athletes, but also women and men that regularly or occasionally train to keep healthy.

Restoridyn is a synergistic blend of proprietary polyphenols offering an adaptogenic nutritional approach for recovery and immunity support, which may lead to an increase in overall performance and stamina.

Restoridyn is the newest solution in a range of ingredients offered through the exclusive partnership with LEHVOSS for customers in Europe.

"We are very excited to offer this unique polyphenol blend, which combines two well known, proven and trendy actives such as curcuminoids and pomegranate ellagitannins to our customers in Europe, said Teresita Rudà," Marketing Manager at LEHVOSS Nutrition.

"Through our partnership with Verdure Sciences, we are very pleased to launch Restoridyn to meet the needs of many food supplement brands in the increasingly popular sports nutrition market. This ingredient offers so many benefits for our customers with clinical research support and third-party verification that further benefits our customers in their finished product solutions,” she continued.

Verdure Sciences and LEHVOSS are excited to announce this development and look forward to more collaboration in the future.

“We are so honoured to have partnered with LEHVOSS for nearly 15 years now and to offer Restoridyn, as well as Longvida Optimized Curcumin, Pomella pomegranate extract, WokVel Boswellia extract, Bacognize Bacopa extract, and ashwagandha through this forged relationship."

"We are grateful to work with such an outstanding company to offer our ingredients, especially knowing the incredible effort the team brings to the table and the recognition the company brings to the brand. This partnership for Restoridyn is another step forward in offering our innovative ingredients to the global marketplace,” stated Leisha Jenkins, Marketing Associate with Verdure Sciences.

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