Vitae Naturals launches a new product: AK Bone

Published: 23-Mar-2017

AK Bone is a probiotic, endogenous producer of vitamin K2 Menaquinone-7

Vitae Naturals, the world’s leading manufacturer of sterol esters and a dominant player in the natural vitamin E and mixed tocopherols market, has once again venture into the functional food sector and launched AK Bone.

Lack of bone health (osteoporosis) is a problem affecting the majority of the apparently healthy adult population.

Vitamin K2 deficiency greatly decreases the chances of calcium assimilation in the bones. It remains in the blood, causing arterial calcification and a subsequently higher risk of heart attack.

The biological relevance of vitamin K2 lies in its influence on bone metabolism, as it improves the absorption and retention of calcium, a factor that prevents bone diseases such as arthritis and cystic fibrosis, and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases among others.

Despite its essential role in our health, this vitamin is not manufactured by our own body, but must be obtained from foods such as green leafy vegetables and, in particular, fermented seeds.

Given the general lack of these ingredients in daily consumption, Vitae Naturals now offers AK Bone.

AK Bone is a probiotic vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 formula. It provides two active ingredients to the body: an exogenous source of vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 from natural fermented seeds (Natto), and a probiotic strain of vitamin K —Lactococcus lactis — which acts endogenously by producing the vitamin in the intestine.

The possibilities for this product are enormous in terms of new developments, especially in the dairy and functional food industry, because it contains enough vitamin K2 to meet the health claim of EFSA, in addition to the probiotic claim, which has wide acceptance by consumers.

After the successful introduction of this new project at the Nutraceuticals Europe Exhibition, held last February in Madrid, the product is now available for sale.

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