Macalat earns NEXTY award for chocolate mushroom mycelium technology

Published: 23-Apr-2024

The organic brand has created a novel category in the chocolate industry: sweet dark chocolate

Macalat, a certified organic chocolate brand, has introduced a new type of chocolate bar: organic sweet dark chocolate. The NEXTY Awards, presented by New Hope Network’s Natural Products Expo, celebrate the most innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry.

Macalat was among 154 finalists – out of 1,500 companies nominated – for the Expo West 2024 edition of the awards.


Transforming the dark chocolate experience

This first-ever cacao product addresses the long-standing issue of dark chocolate’s bitterness and astringency, making nutrient-dense, 70% dark chocolate more appealing to a wider range of consumers.

By harnessing the power of a mushroom mycelium-derived flavour modulator, Macalat can offer a sugar-free sweet dark chocolate that reveals the natural deep flavors of cacao while eliminating any bitter notes and unpleasant mouthfeel. 

The bitter dilemma

70% dark chocolate has gained popularity due to its numerous health benefits, but many people don’t like its bitter taste and astringent mouthfeel.

Currently, only a small percentage of chocolate is consumed as dark chocolate. This poses a challenge for organic chocolate producers seeking to create dark chocolate that is both nutritious and enjoyable.

Traditional methods of masking bitterness with excessive sugar and/or by adding milk are not ideal for those who want to avoid indulgent treats. Likewise, artificial sweeteners are falling out of favour with today’s health-conscious consumers. 


The role of mushroom mycelium

Macalat’s breakthrough lies in its integration of MycoTechnology’s ClearIQ mushroom mycelium-derived flavour modulator, a natural solution for overcoming the bitterness and astringency commonly associated with dark chocolate.

Produced using organic mushroom mycelial fermentation, this natural flavour modulator effectively blocks the perception of astringent and bitter flavors. This binding process allows the full flavour spectrum of cacao to emerge, unveiling the sweet, complex and nuanced tastes that until now lay hidden beneath the bitterness.

This technique not only enhances the taste experience but also preserves the integrity of other superfood functional ingredients frequently looked for in today’s chocolate. 

To develop this solution, Macalat partnered with MycoTechnology, an industry leader specialising in mycelia-based solutions.  


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