Added value thanks to inspiring nutrition

Published: 20-Jun-2017

Private label supplier SternLife produces an enhanced product portfolio with on trend sports and health foods

SternLife is strengthening its market position with an enhanced product portfolio, additional production capacities and packaging options.

Florian Bayerlein, Managing Director at SternLife, said: "We don't simply manufacture products for private labels. We see ourselves as the driver of ideas and impetus for our customers.

"Our market and nutritional experts know which raw materials and active ingredients are on trend, and which healthy and tasty products are currently popular with consumers. This is the basis on which we develop new concepts and implement them together with our customers."

One such example is its protein products, which cater for one of the current mega trends.

Innova Market Insights has labelled this latest 2017 top trend ‘Body in tune’. It demonstrates that protein products have long ceased to be marketed only to athletes and people with weight problems. More and more consumers are resorting to high protein products to boost their personal well being.

Bayerlein said: ”For the target group of the millennials who are known for their healthy lifestyle, we have developed, for instance, protein mixes. With them, consumers can make pizzas, bread and bars themselves. This enables drug store and supermarket private brands to open up new trendy segments and extend their customer base — particularly as the pizza and bread mixes are gluten-free and vegan, too. The high-protein bar mix is also available as a vegan option."

SternLife has developed a special protein shake for suppliers of sports and health foods. The basic mix can be tweaked by adding various functional compounds to suit specific target groups.

A mix of BCAAs, L-glutamine, vitamin C and magnesium turns it into the perfect post-workout shake for athletes. By contrast, compounds with functional plant extracts like green tea or green coffee boost the metabolism and help with weight loss.

For health enthusiasts the shake can be enriched with an extra portion of super food, thereby imbuing it with a natural plus of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements.

Bayerlein said: "The tag line 'Inspiring Nutrition' in the corporate logo underscores our aspiration to be perceived as the source of ideas for our customers. We want to inspire and develop profit-making concepts. Against this backdrop, our experts work closely with R&D specialists from our sister companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe."

The selection of suitable active ingredients combined with the right declaration and claims are essential for successful product development, as is in-depth knowledge of the raw materials markets.

Antje Wetzel, Head of Product Development at SternLife, said: "We develop exclusive products for each customer. We put together the optimum formulation from a selection of over 1000 raw materials to win over our customers. We seek out the best possible synergies between the raw materials and combine them from different sources. For instance, we use various proteins in order to ensure an optimum nutrient profile."

Many products can also be manufactured to organic standards and can be customised to suit specific diets — for instance gluten- or lactose-free options or vegan products.

Customer-specific solutions

Besides sports and health foods, SternLife also develops individual solutions for food supplements as well as products for targeted clinical nutrition to cater for different clinical pictures. The dosage forms range from powders and bars over drinks and shots to capsules and tablets.

The products are tested on flexible pilot facilities. During tastings — often together with our customers — the SternLife experts tailor flavour, texture and dosage form to the target group.

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