New joint health chewable supplement from Valensa

Published: 11-Aug-2016

An easy-to-ingest full spectrum alternative to glucosamine/chondroitin tablets

Valensa International announces the addition of Flex Pro ES Chewables to its Flex Pro family of joint health products

Flex Pro ES Chewables provide multiple modes of support for joint health, leveraging the benefits of Zanthin natural astaxanthin, Flexuron, a proprietary super effective immune-stimulating type of hyaluronate as well as a hydrolysed eggshell membrane that delivers collagen, elastin and elastin precursors.

The pleasant-tasting, sugar-free tablet is a full-spectrum, chewable solution to better joint health featuring therapeutic amounts of each key component. It is formulated to contain the building blocks for joint tissue repair, to support synovial fluid health and to provide antioxidants that address oxidative stress and Chronic Low Level Inflammation issues (CLLI).

The recommended usage for joint comfort is one chewable per day, however, up to four chewable tablets per day may be consumed. Flex Pro ES Chewables are available as bulk tablets, in blister packs and turnkey bottled SKUs for brands and marketers who want to offer them in a variety of channels, including mass market, practitioner, ecommerce and direct.

According to Dr Rudi E. Moerck, President and CEO of Valensa, the chewable form of Flex Pro ES allows a broader and growing group of people to take advantage of one of the most successful joint health formulas introduced to the market in the last 5 years.

'About 40% of Americans have issues swallowing pills, whereas some people have diets in which fluid intake is limited. For some people, swallowing issues are severe enough to prevent them from using pills altogether. Industry standard glucosamine/chondroitin-based products have not been successfully delivered as chewables to date and many other leading joint health ingredients have taste issues,' he said.

'Flex Pro ES Chewables offer a unique delivery system in the form of a great tasting, sugar-free chewable tablet. The product is a perfect solution for those who have difficulty swallowing. They are ideal for diabetics, seniors and people on-the-go,' he added. Dr Moerck went on to say that, in addition to targeting older consumers with joint health issues, Flex Pro ES Chewables have additional applications in the sports nutrition market.

Valensa now sourcing pure California astaxanthin raw material

Valensa, a leading manufacturer of natural astaxanthin extract, offers very high quality extraction with a unique, proprietary, two-part process using all-natural Deep Extract (high pressure) supercritical CO2 (ethanol and solvent free).

Valensa’s O2B Peroxidation Blocker stabilisation technology ensures long-term stability of 4 years and efficacy for the consumer. Most of Valensa’s Astaxanthin raw material has been sourced from the company’s facility located in coastal Chile. In response to market demand, the company has added a new source of raw materials from a California facility that develops the material exclusively for Valensa under its strict quality control standards. All of Valensa’s astaxanthin is extracted at the company’s Florida facility.

According to Moerck, all Astaxanthin products are not the same when it comes to purity and stability. 'Buyers of astaxanthin should be concerned about some new sources of the ingredient that are coming onto the market. When Valensa formulates with this powerful antioxidant, we only use algae from several verified clean sources, including our own, and an extraction that meets rigorous international standards. There are several, good clean sources of the ingredient on the market today – from companies using a supercritical CO2 extraction process.

Claims of purity should be examined closely – with independent analyses if necessary. 'Consumer trust in our industry is too important to leave to empty promises or a lower price,' he said.

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