Study finds FlexPro MD reduces joint pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis model

Published: 8-May-2020

The journal Nutrients publishes new science from South Korea evaluating the response to osteoarthritis-induced conditions, finding combination of krill oil, astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid may help overcome joint deterioration

South Korean scientists, working with Valensa International’s patented joint health formula, FlexPro MD, have published a new study in the esteemed scientific journal Nutrients, outlining how joint deterioration may be overcome through a combination of krill oil, astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid.

The animal study was sponsored by Novarex Co., Ltd., in collaboration with researchers from the Division of Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Ewha Woman’s University and the College of Pharmacy and Medical Research Center at Chungbuk National University.

The study used an animal osteoarthritis pain model to build upon a previous human clinical study that showed FlexProMD to be three to five times more effective in relieving joint discomfort than a standard commercial formulation of glucosamine and chondroitin.

In this new study, led by Drs Dong Ju Son, PhD, and Jae Chul Jung, PhD, South Korean scientists found the FlexPro MD treated animals were less affected by the osteoarthritis-induced conditions, which include relief from pain and inflammation. Surprisingly, the scientists saw the possibility of protecting the cartilage, a finding not before assessed for the joint health formulation.

Valensa International’s scientists, led by Chief Science Officer Margaret H. Dohnalek, PhD, Elizabeth Cartwright, PharmD, and Stephen Hill, MS, collaborated on the publication of the data, and are excited by the new findings from the Korean study.

The study established further science behind the proprietary formulation, which includes Valensa’s Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin, a specific molecular weight hyaluronic acid, with krill oil to deliver important fatty acids.

“Using dosages that would correlate to humans, the study shows FlexPro MD significantly ameliorated joint pain and decreased the severity of articular cartilage destruction after 21 days in the animal model,” said Dr Dohnalek, who brings 32 years of expertise leading nutritional innovation for Fortune 500 brands.

“We know that Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is important in pain management, and these data from the Korean team would suggest that Zanthin also plays an important role in joint health."

"Certainly, the published literature continues to strengthen our appreciation of the power of astaxanthin, and this study further emphasises the role a naturally sourced joint health solution like FlexPro MD® can bring to healthy ageing and mobility.”

“Through this research study, Drs Dong Ju Son, PhD, Jae Chul Jung, PhD, and fellow collaborators have added new insights to the science of FlexPro MD to support the South Korean authorities in their regulatory review of these ingredients, opening a door for this population to find relief through natural means,” Dr Dohnalek said.

She added that further research needs to be done, however. Dr Dohnalek also recognised her gratitude toward Valensa’s partner, Novarex Co., Ltd., for sponsoring the study which generated these exciting results.

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