Anritsu weighing in with highly accurate systems for food sector


Award-winning supplier of food safety solutions, Anritsu Infivis, is targeting the UK market with its latest range of SSV checkweighers that have been designed to provide higher accuracy and better line productivity than conventional systems through minimising unnecessary rejects

Anritsu, which also offers cutting-edge food safety equipment for detecting contaminants in fresh and processed products, utilises Smart Measurement Function (SMF) technology in its SSV checkweighers to maximise accuracy.

Conventional checkweighers use the weigh cell signal, after signal processing, to determine the weight of each product as it passes over the weigh table.

If two packs are detected at the same time, a ‘double product error’ will occur and the system is forced to reject both products since each individual product weight cannot be determined.

Product spacing is normally established by these systems through increasing the checkweigher conveyor speed, compared with the normal line speed, to prevent two products being on the weigh scale at the same time.

Double products are then rejected with an error rate of 0.15%, while owing to the increased conveyor speed, scale accuracy is 0.75g.

The versatile SSV Series is among the most advanced food weighing equipment of its type in the world, boasting innovative signal processing, multi-threaded filtering and improved scale resolution, to minimise ‘double product errors.’

SSV Checkweighers, equipped with SMF, provide product spacing, while conveyor speed is maintained. By running slower, the SSV system offers higher accuracy even if two products are on the weigh scale at the same time. Double product rejection rate is down with an error rate of just 0.03% however scale accuracy is maintained at 0.35g.

Anritsu’s ultra-sensitive and hygienic SSV Series is available in various models, in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions, incorporating precision-engineered construction for high accuracy, high speed and high protection suitable for a range of applications including heavy products.

They come with a colour LCD touch screen enhancing usability and system navigation. Six standard view screens are available to quickly see product weight or trending information. The SSV supports 200 different products which can be stored in the memory of the machine.

Eddie Daniels, Anritsu’s UK Sales Manager, said: “The SSV Series is extremely versatile and cost-effective technology that has been developed to offer exceptionally accurate and consistent weighing of products. Ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries, the machines’ hygienic design is perfect for unpackaged and fresh foods which require stringent sanitary control.”

Anritsu has helped increase productivity of food manufacturers and promoted consumer safety through its dynamic, high accuracy weighing solutions and reliable inspection techniques since 1964.

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Anritsu designs and develops all its products in-house to support every solution with 100% confidence. Its food safety solutions have earned global recognition for their outstanding performance, capability and credibility.