ArKay launches a collection of 16 Halal drinks

ArKay has been very successful as the world's first soft drink that replicates alcohol, providing the placebo effect for people on medication.

ArKay is inviting its Muslim friends to be part of their success.

ArKay has created a new collection of 16 Halal drinks with exotic names, including Ocean Blue, Italian Coffee, Mexican Coconut, Mexican Sunset, Scottish Drink, Russian Dream, Caribbean Paradise, French Napoleon, London Drink, Italian Almond, Cold Mint, Orange Napoleon, Cuba Libre, Caribbean Coconut, Irish Milky Way and Italian Lemon. All of these drinks reproduce the taste and aroma of the real thing.

ArKay couldn't wait anymore. It's the only company in the world that makes this type of soft drink. We are very enthusiastic about giving this opportunity to everyone who has religious beliefs that prevent them from drinking liquor.

ArKay is 100% alcohol free, but feels and tastes exactly like liquor! ArKay drinks are presented in distinctive packaging, consisting of glass, pet, and aluminum cans that are environmentally friendly.

ArKay wants to bring this concept to everyone who wants to fulfil their dreams and drink something that smells and tastes exactly like liquor, without its negative effects.

ArKay is sugar free, fat free, alcohol free, gluten free and has zero calories. ArKay is Halal-certified and is hoping to find a huge market among our Muslim friends.

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