BENEO: Originality in dairy-free formulations

Published: 7-Oct-2022

Let’s plant the future with options that feed the body and mind of the flexitarian consumer

Get inspired by rice, wheat and the faba-bean, ingredients that cater to consumers’ growing interest in vegan and veggie products. Thanks to their texturising properties and quality protein content, you can innovate dairy-free alternatives that will fly off the shelve.

Long-term health is top of mind with consumers everywhere. They perceive more natural foods as better for them. Green and clean ingredients will help you to make more transparent ingredient lists. BENEO helps you to strike a match with a healthier and more mindful lifestyle and hit the flavour buttons of flexitarian consumers at the exact right spot.

Did you know two in five flexitarians buy dairy alternatives because they like the taste?

Contact us for ideation and insights. For more information about BENEO and our ingredients, visit: or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


BENEO’s non-GMO, functional wheat, rice and faba bean proteins possess a high nutritional value and can be applied to meat substitutes, bakery foods and many other applications.


BENEO’s rice ingredients help to address the rising demand for clean label, organic, gluten- and lactose-free and hypoallergenic products. They help improve the mouthfeel, texture, shelf-life and colour of products and in specific low(er) fat foods.

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