Bioiberica presents ingredients for joint health at Vitafoods


Mobilee, for joint mobility and b-2Cool, for inflammation and joint health have demonstrated efficacy at low dosages

Bioiberica is presenting two branded ingredients for joint health and mobility at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland.

Daniel Martinez, Bioiberica Human Health R&D Director, will conduct the conference: “Innovative and scientifically proven ingredients for joint health and mobility”, in which he will present the latest scientific evidence concerning these branded ingredients.

The talk will be held on Thursday 9th May, 12:50pm in Exhibitor Presentation Theatre.

Mobilee is a natural ingredient scientifically shown to improve joint mobility and b-2Cool is a natural ingredient supplying native II collagen, reducing pain and inflammation and improving joint health.

“People want to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and are seeking new products to keep their joints healthy,” said Martinez.

“Both Mobilee and b-2Cool have demonstrated efficacy at low dosages, making them a convenient option to be formulated in any type of finished product.”


Mobilee has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and other components including collagen and polysaccharides.

Its efficacy and safety have been tested for five years in six pre-clinical studies and five randomised clinical trials.

“Our body absorbs it naturally. The benefits of Mobilee go way beyond the advantages afforded by hyaluronic acid. Taking Mobilee every day for at least two months improves joint and muscle mobility, reduces pain and joint inflammation, lubricates joints and increases muscle strength,” said Martinez.


b-2Cool is a natural ingredient supplying native II collagen. Due to its native form, orally taken it works through an immune-mediated mechanism of action called oral tolerance, which modulates the immune response against endogenous type II collagen.

b-2Cool is proven to reduce cartilage degradation and joint inflammation, thus improving joint pain and function.

“The efficacy shown in two studies is particularly relevant taking into account the dose at which native collagen is administered,” said Martinez.


Bioiberica will also present Oralvisc, a new dietary supplement, at Vitafoods New Product Zone. It is a formula of glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid and dermatan sulfate) and vitamin C, intended to improve joint discomfort in overweight individuals.

Bioiberica is a biotechnology company specialising in the research, production and distribution of biomolecules such us Chondroitin sulphate, Glucosamine, Heparin and Hyaluronic Acid.

Agenda for Vitafoods 2017

Thursday 9 May, 12:50pm at the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre: “Innovative and scientifically proven ingredients for joint health and mobility” (Daniel Martinez).

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Bioiberica are located at Stand F51.