Breko to distribute MitoActive and BerryShield

Asiros and Breko will work together to sell and market a range of berry products

Danish Biotech Company, Asiros, and the leading German-based distributor, Breko, have agreed to work together for the sales and marketing of MitoActive and BerryShield products.

These new high-end berry products have been developed to guarantee superior value compared with standard berry products. In addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Breko will also offer the products for customers in selected Asian countries.

MitoActive is a health supplement formulated as a special concentrate of scientifically selected species of red and blackcurrant, containing high levels of bioactive Ribetril A with an energy boosting effect. The product is a result of several years of scientific research and is now manufactured by Asiros. MitoActive is available in bulk and bottle form as a liquid.

BerryShield powders have a broad profile of uniquely protected bioactive berry components, owing to the BerryShield processing technology. The patented solvent-free technology protects the berry molecules during processing, and the result is a range of highly stable berry powders in minimum 1:10 ratio.

BerryShield powders’ superior stability gives better colour, taste, pH and heat stability, and can be used in beverages and solid food products as well as health supplements. Currently, five powders are available: tart cherry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, elderberry and strawberry, and the range will be expanded with new berry powders from the next harvest.

According to Vice President Wolfgang Loersch from Breko, the products from Asiros are a perfect match: 'Breko is the leading supplier of value added polyphenol products and we are delighted to be able to offer these products to our customers. MitoActive and BerryShield are a perfect fit to our product range, with the high product quality and documentation.'

In addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Breko will also offer the products for customers in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.