Cognivia: Nexira’s novel natural solution for cognitive performance

Published: 23-Aug-2016

Innovative synergy for cognitive benefits

Nexira is enriching its expertise in natural phytoingredients by launching the first ingredient combining two species of sage.

Cognivia is a unique synergistic combination of Spanish sage essential oil (Salvia lavandulifolia) and garden sage leaf (Salvia officinalis) aqueous extract, specially developed for people wishing to improve their cognitive faculties.

Since time immemorial, sage, also called 'sacred grass,' has been used for its multiple health properties (digestive, calming, etc.).

Nowadays, science is confirming its benefits on cognitive performance. Indeed, bibliographic evidence supports its ability to enhance memory capacity (spacial and long-term memory and speed of memory), as well as learning speed, concentration and alertness.

These health benefits are supported by several clinical studies. Sage is also scientifically known to be a powerful antioxidant.

Today, Nexira is going further by proving the beneficial synergistic effect of Spanish sage essential oil and garden sage leaf aqueous extract on long-term memory, in both single and prolonged use: Cognivia’s in vivo study demonstrated significant results compared with individual sage sources.

Cognivia is produced thanks to Nexira’s botanical extraction expertise with a high quality process and rigorous traceability controls. It benefits from a micro-encapsulation technology with Acacia gum selected by NEXIRA to

  • protect sage essential oil from oxidation and drying
  • enhance the powder’s water solubility

Soon available in organic-certified grade, Cognivia is part of Nexira’s Premium ingredients portfolio along with Serenzo (stress management and mood improvement), Oli-Ola (cardiovascular health), ID-alG (calorie reduction and well-being), ViNitrox (sport performance) and NeOpuntia (weight management).

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