Gadot Biochemical Industries enhances Zinc Gluconate supply

Published: 27-Nov-2020

According to Christine Bailey, MSc BSc Nutrition, PGCE, zinc prevents viruses from attaching to cells in the nasal passage and therefore stops them from entering the body

Gadot Biochemical Industries has announced it’s ready to fulfil requirements for zinc gluconate, to be utilised in lozenges to treat the common cold.

Zinc acts as a cofactor for numerous enzymes, including those involved in DNA and RNA replication, protein synthesis, insulin production and brain development. Because the human body cannot store excess zinc and regular supply from food is not sufficient, continuous dietary intake is required, Gadot says.

If zinc intake needs are not met, deficiency can occur, mainly compromising the healthy function of the immune system. Research shows that zinc is needed to activate several types of white blood cells. Supplementing with zinc gluconate helps white blood cells to proliferate, boosting immune function.

The FDA has designated zinc gluconate ‘generally recognized as safe’ for food additives. Therefore, usage of zinc gluconate in end-user industries such as nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, has increased across the globe.

“Immunity is the most top-of-mind health concern globally,” Ohad Cohen, CEO of Gadot Biochemical Industries stated. “There are questions about supply and availability of some varied immune-support ingredients, but we can assure that our zinc gluconate is readily available for the increased demand.”

Gadot Biochemical Industries offers two zinc gluconate grades, for tablet preparation and for use in a liquid form. Both grades are Halal and Kosher certified.

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