Gadot spotlights magnesium: the mental health mineral

Published: 18-Oct-2023

As the daylight diminishes quickly in the Northern Hemisphere, people begin to experience depressed mood, lack of motivation and higher levels of stress, along with sleep disturbances

According to Ohad Cohen, CEO of Gadot Biochemical Industries, magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium citrate can help consumers to improve their mood as well as sleep, and thus experience greater mental wellness.

Magnesium is experiencing an ah-ha moment, notes Cohen. According to SPINS, magnesium sales grew by 12% in the 12 months ending March 2023.

Meanwhile, retail powerhouse The Vitamin Shoppe reported that magnesium glycinate sales grew an astonishing 59% in the 12 months ending April 2023.

According to a survey it conducted, 49% of respondents who use a sleep aid consume magnesium supplements to bring about better and more restful habits.

“A safe and effective solution for the millions of consumers who want to reduce stress, elevate mood and achieve sounder sleep is magnesium bisglycinate, a highly bioavailable magnesium that is optimally absorbed,” Cohen described.

Why magnesium?
First, said Cohen, magnesium is an essential mineral important to the healthy activity of more than 300 biochemical reactions. And studies have shown that magnesium intake is insufficient in Western populations.

For example, one study showed that 68% of Americans consume less than the daily value of dietary magnesium

In humans, insufficient magnesium levels are associated with higher incidence of anxiety and is shown to modulate activity of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPAA), which participates in the stress response system.

Magnesium supplementation was shown to attenuate HPAA activity, which may reduce anxiety through suppressing stress response.

“As anyone who experienced anxiety can assert, it causes problems sleeping, and poor sleep has a negative impact on mood,” Cohen commented.

“Anxiety, poor sleep, and low mood also influence cognitive skills and behaviour. Magnesium can help in all these areas, making it the most suitable mental health mineral that consumers will gravitate to.”

Gadot’s magnesium versatility 
Gadot specialises in magnesium, offering magnesium bisglycinate for dietary supplements, magnesium citrate for food and beverage fortification, and nutraceuticals or dietary supplements.

Mintel research shows that throughout the world, there are opportunities to fortify health products with magnesium.

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For example, in the UK, 78% of consumers agree that obtaining their magnesium (and other minerals and vitamins) regularly for the long-term is important for healthy ageing.

For example, in Thailand, 30% of consumers agree that fortified foods and drinks are a better source of minerals such as magnesium than supplements. In the US, 40% of consumers say they want to consume more nutritious foods and beverages.

For RTD beverages and food fortification, Gadot has a wide array of magnesium citrates and continues innovating tailor-made solutions.

“Citrates are highly bioavailable and have excellent properties such as solubility in water, mild citrus flavor that does not affect taste and texture, is relatively stable and does not react with other ingredients."

"Furthermore, it can serve as a preservative, maintaining the quality and shelf-life of products,” Cohen commented. “Magnesium citrates are perfect for sports and energy drinks, chewing gums, milk, cheese, cookies, cereals, and baby foods.”

He observed, “Consumers are assertively looking for fortified food and beverage products to help them reduce stress and anxiety, and to help improve both sleep and mood. Magnesium is the top mineral that can help fulfill their mental health support needs.”

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