Ganeden Biotech and CapAble AB launch probiotic telescoping straw


Probiotic, shelf-stable beverages go mainstream

Ganeden Biotech, maker of the patented probiotic strain GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) and CapAble AB, a global leader in unique probiotic packaging solutions, have announced an exclusive arrangement to create a new telescoping GanedenBC30 LifeTop Probiotic Straw that can be used in both refrigerated and shelf-stable milk or juice boxes, pouches and bottles.

The straws, manufactured by BioGaia’s subsidiary, CapAble, will have 1 billion CFU of GanedenBC30 and can be seamlessly applied to Tetra Pak and other shelf-stable beverage containers. The innovation could heavily impact the children’s beverage market, which is growing at a quick clip as parents look for healthy options.

'We are thrilled to be working with the team at CapAble and to have entered into this exclusive agreement,' commented Michael Bush, Ganeden’s Senior Vice President. 'Beverage manufacturers around the globe are asking for solutions to incorporate our patented probiotic into shelf-stable beverages and the use of the GanedenBC30 LifeTop Straw enables integration into shelf stable beverages of all types.'

'We are excited about this collaboration with Ganeden Biotech, a perfect partner to successfully bring the attractive combination LifeTop Straw and GanedenBC30 to market,' says Staffan Palsson, CEO of CapAble AB. 'It is a milestone for us since this is the first agreement for CapAble for the LifeTop Straw.'

The probiotic market is growing enormously, with no indication that it will be slowing down anytime soon. By 2018 the probiotic market is expected to reach $36.7 billion globally, with about $30 billion from functional foods and beverages. Probiotics are quickly becoming a household word, with 93% of today’s consumers being familiar with the term 'probiotic' and associating it with good health.

The new probiotic straws will allow the healthy bacteria to be available in beverages throughout the store, including shelf stable SKUs. 'As consumer demand for probiotics grows, so do the delivery forms available. Not everyone can or wants to eat yoghurt or take pills; these straws offer a new option for consumers to get probiotics,' Bush said. 'A child can get their daily dose of probiotics from a juice pouch in her lunch box — this is groundbreaking.'

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Each straw delivers a full day’s supply of GanedenBC30 probiotics and you simply insert the straw into the beverage container and drink. 'Kids won’t balk at the flavourless probiotic and the straws look just like all the others,' Bush explained.