Grey’s Anatomy actress partners with menopause supplement campaign

With the help of Kate Walsh, EQUELLE is launching the "Live Hot, Stay Cool" campaign that aims to empower women to feel and be their best, while transitioning through menopause

Kate Walsh

Grey's Anatomy actress Kate Walsh has partnered with EQUELLE, a non-hormonal supplement clinically shown to alleviate the frequency of hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause.

Approximately 6,000 women in the US reach menopause each day, or 2 million per year, yet there is a glaring lack of awareness, discussion and knowledge surrounding the topic and its impact on women. To elevate the conversation around this important subject during Menopause Awareness Month this September,

"As someone who faced menopause much earlier than expected, I was shocked to discover how little we talk about this stage of a woman's life," said Kate Walsh, actress best known for ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" and menopause advocate for EQUELLE. "We must change and evolve the way menopause is discussed in our culture and dispel myths surrounding this natural life stage. By joining forces with EQUELLE, I hope to both inspire and show women that we can all live a passionate, fulfilling and vibrant life during menopause."

With the help of Walsh, EQUELLE is launching the "Live Hot, Stay Cool" campaign, which aims to empower women to feel and be their best, while transitioning through menopause. As the face of the campaign, Walsh hopes to begin an open and honest dialogue about menopause by sharing her personal experience, along with tips to help other women during the transition and how she uses EQUELLE to feel her best every day.

To cultivate conversation and camaraderie amongst women everywhere, EQUELLE will highlight stories from Kate, other female ambassadors and consumers who use the hashtag #LiveHotStayCool. EQUELLE will support the campaign through digital advertising, public relations, influencer partnerships and social media content.

"Every woman's menopause journey is different, and we hope this campaign gives women everywhere a platform to speak up, share their voices and learn about managing their symptoms so they can continue living life to the fullest," said Stacey Kivel, Divisional Vice President, EQUELLE. "We are so excited to launch this programme with Kate Walsh, who has been a champion for women's health and outspoken about her own experience. We couldn't think of a better role model and advocate for other women who are going through this natural transition."


A recent survey shows 84% of menopausal women in the US experience disruptive menopause-related symptoms. Hot flashes are the most common menopause symptom, with 75% of US women experiencing them, and are the second most common in perimenopause.

EQUELLE is a dietary supplement option for women and helps to reduce hot flashes, provide mood support, and support general well-being during menopause.

The active ingredient in EQUELLE is S-equol, which is naturally derived from a plant compound, and shares a similar structure to estrogen that binds to select estrogen receptors in the body. With this bond, S-equol helps alleviate hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause. In a 2011 clinical study, women taking 10 mg of S-equol daily for 12 weeks saw a significant reduction in hot flashes and neck/shoulder stiffness compared to women taking a placebo.