Kirkman offers Before Baby supplements

Published: 21-Nov-2014

To help expectant parents stay healthy

US dietary supplements manufacturer Kirkman is offering a proprietary line of supplements called Before Baby, formulated to help develop strong nutritional profiles for parents-to-be.

Science indicates that the healthier parents-to-be are, the better chance their newborns have to be healthy.

With more evidence emerging to suggest that negative environmental exposures may be a contributor to health problems related to pregnancy, birth and childhood development, Kirkman tests its supplements for more than 950 environmental contaminants, including fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, biocides, endocrine disruptors and other harmful chemicals.

Because potential problems associated with premature birth can have such an effect on mothers and fathers and their baby, Kirkman aims to keep them both as healthy as possible by providing nutraceutical supplements to take during preconception and the prenatal period.

The new Before Baby range includes:

  • Before Baby Antioxidant Super Blend: A special antioxidant blend.
  • Before Baby Immune Assist: A blend of ingredients that help boost the immune system.
  • Before Baby Men's Vitamin and Mineral Formulation: A complete vitamin and mineral blend specially formulated for fathers and fathers-to-be.
  • Before Baby Natural Cleanse: A special blend of natural ingredients that help detoxify and cleanse the system.
  • Before Baby PreNatal Advanced Care Vitamin and Mineral Formula: A complete prenatal vitamin and mineral formulation to use while pregnant.
  • Before Baby Probiotic 7-Strain: Specially formulated to provide healthy intestinal flora.
  • Before Baby Vitamin D-3 2000 IU: Vitamin D-3 supplementation.
  • Before Baby Women's Vitamin and Mineral Formulation: A complete vitamin and mineral blend for mothers and mothers-to-be.

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