Looking to enhance the nutritional calcium load of your foods and drinks?


Use natural calcium carbonate from Omya!

The Omya Calcipur range contains high-purity natural calcium carbonates with a very high content of bioavailable elemental calcium.

Natural calcium carbonate is one of the most concentrated sources of calcium on the market, which means that a little goes a long way. Supplementing products such as infant nutrition, dairy free drinks, cereals, snacks or baked goods with a relatively low dosage will result in reduced costs and less impact on the sensory profile.

Comprising different grades of the Omya Calcipur range, Omya’s portfolio helps manufacturers to achieve the best possible results in terms of both nutrition and taste.

The perfect match: Vegan drinks with a full calcium load

With the ongoing increase in people adopting vegan lifestyles and a greater focus on food intolerances, the demand for alternatives to cow’s milk continues to rise. However, whilst many consumers welcome these dairy free products and the benefits that they provide, they still want to maintain an adequate calcium intake.

In this instance, Omya Calcipur 90-KP, Calcipur 2- OG or Omya-Cal FG AZ represent the perfect choice. They have been tailored to fortify soy, rice, oat or almond-based beverage products with calcium.

Omya Calcipur 90-KP’s customised particle size clearly demonstrates the lowest sedimentation rates as compared to other calcium carbonates or tricalcium phosphates on the market, which enhances the stability of the beverage.

All of them improve the overall opacity thanks to their refractive index and provide a smooth mouthfeel. Furthermore, they enable calcium-related bone health claims to be made.

Combining in-depth knowledge regarding calcium carbonates and their interaction with other beverage components with a wide-ranging ingredient portfolio, Omya offers all-in-one solutions that guarantee high quality products with superior nutritional, technical and sensory properties.

Technical advantages

Besides boosting the calcium content, Omya Calcipur also offers technical advantages for many products and applications.

In the field of extruded cereals and snacks, for example, at a concentration of just 0.5–1.5%, it improves the texture, crispiness, expansion index and bubble distribution.

This dosage also enables a calcium claim to be made on the final product which contributes to the increasing consumer demand for healthy ‘on the go’ snacks.

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