Natural medicinal products against menstrual complaints

Published: 26-Sep-2018

Yarrow and Shepherd’s purse registered with the BfArM

Diapharm received registrations for two interesting traditional medicinal products used to treat menstrual complaints.

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany, BfArM, registered Capsella bursa pastoris (Shepherd’s purse) as the first coated tablet for the reduction of heavy menstrual bleeding in women with regular menstrual cycles.

A film-coated tablet of Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) has been newly registered and is used for the symptomatic treatment of minor spasms associated with menstrual periods from age 12.

“Demand for such natural herbal remedies is constantly increasing,” says Nicole Sibbing, Director of Diapharm: “The desire of consumers for natural medicines is a direct reflection of the transformation of society.”

Instead of marketing the pharmacy only medicinal products by itself, Diapharm licences the products to pharmaceutical companies in Europe so they can expand their own OTC brands.

“Herbal medications are often a regional tradition,” explains Dr Rainer Kolkmann from Diapharm: “Something that has been established in one EU country for decades can be virtually unknown in other countries. We consistently take the opportunity to identify such medicinal products and their potential, register them Europe-wide and introduce them to the market.”

Diapharm has already managed more than 500 registrations and marketing authorisations in 23 countries.

Along with Capsella and Achillea millefolium, Diapharm’s portfolio includes numerous other dossiers, marketing authorisations and registrations for herbal preparations, which the pharmaceutical service provider licensed to pharmaceutical companies.

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