Naturex to highlight powerful nutrition that excites the senses at Engredea 2018

Published: 23-Feb-2018

This year's Engredea expo (9–11 March) will see Naturex showcase innovative prototype applications that harness the benefits of some of its newest ingredient solutions, including oat fibre and roasted vegetables

Exhibiting on booth 3439, Naturex will demonstrate how these ingredients - and others - can help companies to "explore powerful nutrition that excites the senses."

Oat fibre and roasted vegetables: Naturex will introduce Engredea visitors to a Heart-Healthy Chipotle Lime & Fire Roasted Vegetable Snack.

This is enriched with Naturex's new Swedish Oatfiber SWEOAT Bran, which delivers oat beta glucans that have an FDA-authorised health claim for coronary heart disease.

Demonstrating synergistic opportunities, this snack is enhanced with Naturex's new range of vegetable powders produced using a high temperature direct flame roasting technology, which intensifies the flavour of fresh vegetables into sweet, concentrated notes.

Full sensation botanical extracts: A second new concept on show at Engredea will be Delightful Lemon Rose Green Tea, which includes Naturex's innovative rose extract, produced exclusively from whole buds of Rosa damascene sourced in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

This specific variety, which is also used in perfumery for its intense aura, combines the health and wellness connotations of rose with its unique sensory profile to deliver floral flavours that will appeal to consumers seeking out natural health benefits.

The new green tea formulation is coloured with Naturex's Strawberry Red, which blends several anthocyanins from natural vegetable sources to give the beverage a striking visual appeal.

In addition to these appealing concepts, Naturex will also be presenting other innovative platforms, such as its koji fermented minerals, its line of carrier-free fruit and vegetable powders, and carrier-free botanical extracts.

Timothée Olagne, Nutrition and Health Director at Naturex, said: "Our intention at Engredea is to demonstrate how Naturex's expertise in natural nutrition can help manufacturers to develop on-trend products that enhance consumer wellness and are both healthy and delicious."

"These applications will provide inspiration and highlight how Naturex is the ideal partner for companies looking to explore powerful nutrition that excites the senses."

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