Novel nootropic BacoMind receives Health Canada health claims

Published: 2-Aug-2021

BacoMind carries the claims that it helps to support cognitive function in children as well as cognitive health, brain performance and memory in adults

Anurag Agarwal, CEO of Natural Remedies, has announced that the company’s unique Bacopa monnieri, BacoMind, has been issued two Natural Product Numbers (NPN) from Health Canada.

The first, # 80111110, is for BacoMind in children & adolescents.

It carries the claims, “Helps to support cognitive function in children. Helps to support brain health in children.”

The recommended dosage is 225 mg per day for children and adolescents (aged 6 to 18).

The second, #80111109, is for BacoMind in adults.

It carries the claims, “Supports brain health. Helps to support cognitive health and brain performance. Helps to support memory.”

Recommended doses for adults are 300 to 450 mg per day.

“BacoMind is a true full-spectrum Bacopa monnieri extract with nine bioactives that synergise to promote cognitive wellness and neurological health and is also the first Bacopa to be GRAS,” stated Deepak Mundkinajeddu, Ph.D., Natural Remedies’ Head of R&D.

Dr Mundkinajeddu explained about mechanisms of action of BacoMind likely responsible for the efficacy seen in the human clinical studies.

Based on the original work done on BacoMind, it’s actions on neurotransmission are likely mediated through inhibition of COMT and PEP, its neuroprotective actions have contributions through inhibition of ROS and PARP.

In addition to these biochemical mechanisms, it has also been shown to promote dendrite proliferation, indicating possibilities of beneficial neuronal morphological changes.

BacoMind is supported by five human clinical studies in adults and children (including a human clinical safety study), which served as the basis for Health Canada’s approval, according to Abey Thomas, Head of Global Marketing for Natural Remedies.

“Because BacoMind is GRAS, its use in popular food and beverage products is possible and helps brands attain unique market positioning,” Thomas said.

“For example, BacoMind can be used in gluten-free and vegan (or conventional) bakery products at 50 mg per serving, as well as in gummies and chews.”

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