Nutrinsic launches its ProFloc sustainable protein business


First production plant in Trenton, Ohio, will come on stream by year end

US company Nutrinsic Corporation has launched its ProFloc sustainable protein business and is building its first production plant in Trenton, Ohio.

ProFloc is a high quality protein ingredient for use in animal nutrition, produced using patented technology that up cycles nutrients that are currently lost in food and beverage plant wastewater treatment. The product is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly protein source for all types of aquatic and terrestrial animal feeds.

The Trenton facility is scheduled to come on-line by the end of this year. A facility in China has been operational for several months and is co-owned by Nutrinsic and other partners in a joint venture. This plant uses brewery wastewater to produce high quality single cell protein for the local market while eliminating the need to dispose of waste and providing clean water.

Nutrinsic says the process works efficiently on all types of food and beverage wastewaters.

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Leo Gingras, Chief Executive of Nutrinsic, said: 'With our technology we have come up with a cost-effective, high quality protein for animal nutrition with the added benefit of clean water as a by-product. We are very pleased to be commercialising our technology and ProFloc and look forward to rapidly growing the business.'