Nutritional smart drugs: this is your brain on (nootropic) food

Published: 26-Feb-2018

Looking for an effective alternative to drugs that enhance mental performance? Introducing plant based nootropics

Smart drugs are increasingly common. Everyday pressures on students, professionals, athletes and active people who need high levels of concentration means that many turn to smart drugs: pharmaceuticals used off-label to try to increase brain-power.

However, these drugs may not be a good solution. Investigations by the BBC, Vice, The Guardian and many other sources have found that smart drugs may not be so smart, as they can cause side-effects such as insomnia, restlessness, rashes and more.

Additionally, the long-term impact of these drugs on your brain has not yet been established; many haven’t been around for long enough for a sufficient amount of research to be done.

But, what if there was a way to achieve similar things through more natural means, such as food supplement ingredients or vitamins? Could putting your brain on food with a nutritional smart drug work as well as — or better than — a pharmaceutical smart drug?

Brainzyme, a food supplement pioneering in the field of nutritional cognitive enhancement, answers this question with a resounding “yes!”

Brainzyme is a natural nootropic, also known as a brain food supplement, nutritional cognitive enhancer or nutritional smart drug — a substance that enhances mental performance without the use of drugs.

Brainzyme’s products have incredibly positive customer reviews and can help you be more successful, in study, sports or work. This is because it helps you concentrate, motivates you and helps you perform under pressure. As it’s a nutritional cognitive enhancer, Brainzyme is drug-free, vegan, entirely legal in Britain and very safe, placing it in contrast with pharmaceutical smart drugs.

Although it’s more natural, it remains effective when compared with pharmaceuticals: James Alexander commented: “Having tried Modafinil in the past, I wanted to find an alternative that didn't give me any side-effects as I do have a tendency to procrastinate. I was pleased to find that Brainzyme really helped me focus."

"It gave me the will to sit down and do my work, and with the increased focus it provided me I was able to get a lot more work done in a lot quicker time, boosting my productivity ten fold.”

To avoid these side-effects, Brainzyme uses natural ingredients such as amino acids from Matcha green tea (theanine) and the broccoli extract choline. In addition, it contains other standardised full-spectrum food supplement quality ingredients — to improve concentration and mental performance, including tyrosine, Ginkgo, Acidophilus, guarana, carnitine and curcumin.

This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to temporarily supplement their brain power and those who require greater focus and drive in their everyday life.

One of Britain’s top nutrition scientists, Dr Laura Wyness, completed a nutritional audit of the Brainzyme product range.

The audit stated: “Many of the vitamins and minerals included are helpful in providing short-term support for areas where there might be shortfalls in nutrients related to areas such as cognitive function, mental performance, psychological function (in totality, supporting clearer thinking) and energy yielding metabolism; helping to release energy from the foods we eat; and reducing tiredness and fatigue (in totality supporting nutritional energy).”

Brainzyme’s ingredients are scientifically proven with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) research to support cognition, concentration, mental performance and reduction of tiredness.

Flow state

Additionally, Brainzyme has also been reported to enable increased motivation by increasing the ability to enter “flow state," which is when it can be seen that alpha brain waves (measurable with fMRI) are increased and beta brain waves are lowered. This state is colloquially known as the flow state, which has been discussed and sought after by many modern thinkers and doers of society.

BBC and Sky News featured Christine Bailey, award-winning nutritional therapist, author and broadcaster has reviewed Brainzyme. She stated: “Now, if you are wanting to improve your focus and concentration, then why not consider a natural food supplement? This is Brainzyme, [it] contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to help with focus and concentration, and with energising our body and our brain.”

Brainzyme reviews

Hundreds of customers have contributed reviews of Brainzyme and their feedback is overwhelmingly positive with the majority rating the products and their results 5 out of 5 whilst adding excellent ratings on Trustpilot and other independent reviews sites.

It is also being used by some of Britain’s top athletes. Kirsty Gilmour, Britain’s best female badminton player, and Guy Learmonth, Britain’s fastest 800 metre runner, both find it helps their performance.

Kirsty commented: “I felt my eyes were able to focus on the shuttle better and my concentration was better for longer,” after trying Brainzyme, whereas Guy said: “Brainzyme is helping provide me with that natural cognitive enhancer to gain that mental edge over my rivals” on his experience with the nutritional cognitive enhancer.

Clearly, enhancing mental performance can be important for sport, as better focus can help sports people succeed, as it can also help working professionals, students and seniors to focus and feel better about "thinking clearer and getting more done."

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