Sintal Dietetics unveils new oral health products


Swallowable mouthwash and functional chewing gum for prevention of major oral care infectious conditions

Sintal Dietetics, an Italian science-based company, has launched a new line of products for oral health - innovative delivery systems for natural ingredients in functional chewing gum and swallowable mouthwash with essentials oils, probiotics and lactoferrin.

Both products contain essential oils since our company was able to perform a research and analyze 23 oils against 21 species of lactic acid bacteria. Results showed that L. salivarius SGL 03 was able to grow well at high concentration of Lemon and Rosemary essential oils - tested for antimicrobial activity against five oral commensal bacteria: S. pyogenes, S. uberis, S. mutans, S. sanguinis and Porfiromonas gingivalis. Such pathogenic bacteria of oral cavity are known to cause several oral infectious diseases. SGL 03 showed antagonistic effect against all pathogenic strains, especially against S. pyogenes and S. uberis, but the degrees of antagonism was different among the strains. All obtained results suggest that L. salivarius SGL 03 could be considered as promising, safe and natural option, in the prevention and treatment of oral infections. The complete genome sequence of SGL 03 has been deciphered and it is available in public nucleotide sequence bank.

Tested essential oils also showed antagonistic effect against all streptococci strains at concentration of 4% and higher. Differently, Porfiromonas gingivalis showed a sensitivity to essential oils lower than 0.032%, so such substances could be very effective for oral infections.

Lactoferrin is present in both products as well, since this iron-binding glycoprotein exhibits a strong antimicrobial activity and represents an important defense factor through its ability to decrease bacterial growth and inflammatory processes. In combination with essential oils, can help keep your teeth fresh, white and clean from bacteria and plaque.

Swallowable mouthwash and functional chewing gum for prevention of major oral care infectious conditions

SYNBIORAL is developed as a probiotic liquid food supplement in vials, acting as a mouth wash to be swallowed and aimed at the health of the mouth and the prevention of major oral infectious conditions like caries, halitosis, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. Contains Probiotics, Prebiotics, Lactoferrin and Natural essential oils of Lemon and Rosemary. The unique formula allows to mix all ingredients only at the time of consumption and to not allow the contact of the various components since probiotics are placed in the dosage cap, while the essential oils are present in the bottle. This separation allows a greater survival of probiotics that become active with rehydration. The 10 ml vial ensures an optimal amount of useful probiotics for the oral cavity has a pleasant taste and odor and is easy to consume and carry around.

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LACTORAL GUM is a food supplement in functional chewing gum with Lactoferrin, Rosemary and Lemon essential oils, developed for maintaining a good oral care in adults and children above 12 years of age. It brings extraordinary benefits to consumers that go beyond the usual pleasure of chewing gum. The gum is manufactured by direct low-temperature compression technology, which does not allow the loss of unique characteristics of the natural ingredients that would not survive high temperatures used in the production of the common chewing gum known on the market. By releasing those ingredients, LACTORAL GUM provides a cheap and effective way to deliver beneficial properties for the oral care hygiene, and in addition has a long lasting and pleasant taste.

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