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HiE 2018, booth 8N126: Omya presents its high purity natural calcium carbonates and a wide range of specialty ingredients for all-round healthy products

At this year’s HiE, Omya will showcase its Calcipur range of natural calcium carbonates, which help to improve production processes and formulations while additionally offering health benefits.

Thanks to this most concentrated and bioavailable source of calcium, fortified food and drink products can score high when it comes to supporting bone health and the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

The ingredient positively influences texture and processing qualities and can be used in various fields of application, including powdered foods, bakery products, cereals, extruded snacks, vegan drinks, and other foods and beverages.

Calcium enrichment of foods and beverages is an ongoing trend, strengthened by the world’s ageing population and consumers who are looking to avoid health problems associated with calcium deficiency.

With its high elemental calcium content of approximately 40%, it is possible to use up to five times less Omya Calcipur than other available technical solutions while achieving the same calcium dose in a finished foodstuff.

This results in reduced costs and less impact on the sensory profile of the end product. Depending on the dosage used, calcium-related claims can be made on pack.

Offering a broad variety of mastered calcium carbonate particle sizes in combination with synergistic food ingredients such as those included in its distribution portfolio, Omya enables manufacturers to produce the best possible results in terms of nutrition and taste.

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In addition, Omya Calcipur is an effective anticaking aid for powders and can also be used to reduce dust.

Moreover, the mineral can improve the gelling qualities of fluids, and correct pH values. When used in snacks and cereals, the particles lead to better extrusion.

In many applications, the ingredient is also able to intensify the taste perception of salty or sweet. This means that, for example, in bakery goods, the sugar content and therefore the calorie count can be reduced.

In addition, calcium carbonate is proven to reduce acrylamide formation. This chemical by-product develops when starchy ingredients are fried, baked or roasted at high temperatures.

With EU regulations currently being updated to reduce harmful acrylamide levels, Omya Calcipur can help manufacturers to advance formulations with no negative impact on taste or volume.

Furthermore, as a natural white pigment, Omya Calcipur promotes the opacity and brilliancy of colours, for instance in coatings. And last but by no means less important, the ingredient is a cost-effective bulking agent.

Visitors to the Omya booth can meet R&D experts, who will explain the functions and all-round benefits of calcium carbonates and present a broad range of specialty ingredients from the company’s global distribution portfolio.

These selected additives include natural colours and colouring foods.

Sourced from nature and bearing E numbers, the natural colours are obtained by selective extraction of pigments from raw ingredients, while the colouring foods come from fruits, vegetables or edible plants and have carefully preserved sensory properties.

A variety of water- and fat-soluble vitamins are the perfect complement to these, and allow manufacturers to develop holistic solutions that fit market trends and therefore current demands.